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Live Cooking


Live Cooking Specialists in Dubai

Our team deliver food and beverages to the customers event locations such as hotel, restaurant, villas, homes etc.

Savory Bites Restaurant & Cafe is a joint venture with Extreme Excite Event Managementwhich is focussed on Events and Cater service. We provide a variety of cuisines to our clientsand our main focus is to Cater Event Service, more than a kitchen or restaurant. We as a jointventure provide our customers an everlasting taste with the feel of content.
Savory Bites Restaurant & Café is with the same Management of Extreme Excite EventManagement, which is a woman-owned Business working since 2011. After 12 years of serviceswith in-house products, the restaurant has been started in-order to support the event serviceswith a team of expertise.
We have a team of Executive chefs along with the kitchen staff, who are expertise in differentcuisines and we are focussed in the concept of multi-cuisine where the main focussed areAmerican, Mexican, Continental, Asian Food. We offer a variety of services along with this suchas community services, corporate services, Live cooking, etc. which is never a no for any kindof kitchen services

Tacos, Pasta & Sliders

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Steaks Live Cooking

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