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Arabic Entertainment Services in UAE


Arabic Entertainment Services in Dubai

Arabic Entertainment

Extreme Excite provides Arabic Entertainment that suits to National tradition, Events & Holidays. We can set up Arabic designs in your venue, shop, mall and offices.

We provide the services for Arabic Musician, the Oud & Daf, the Violin & the Saxophone.

Also Traditional Arabic dance, The Ayala, Dabka, the Syrian Dabka, The Tanoura Dancer, Horse Dance that definitely an entertainment to all.

Arabic Band with nice sounds of music, the Duo Violin Musician, Kanoun player & Daf, Trio Arabic Musician, Oud & Daf, Trabish band & The Egyptian Safa Band.

Extreme Excite will provide you the right artist for the right clientele.

Story teller in Arabic is also available, So book now with Extreme Excite for your upcoming Event during Ramadan, National Holidays and Eid Holidays too or in any occasions.


With a full range of Event Planning Services, our Clients have Successful & Prosperous Events!

For these services in Dubai, you can contact us to book your future event.

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