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Best Slush Machine rental


Best Slush Machine rental in UAE

Best Slush machine rental in UAE

What’s the coolest addition to any party? An ice cold slushie machine. No more chasing buckets of ice for a car load of expensive fizzy  bubbly drinks, with our slushy makers you’ll have a professional drinks station serving frozen drinks that would make 7/11 proud. Each Slush machine rental is multi-purpose and can be used for fun and entertaining  flavoursome drinks at a kids party with slurpees matching the birthday boy or girl’s favourite colours. Or, set up as an adults-only beverage with your favourite cocktails and mocktails for mums, dads and grown-ups to enjoy.

Our party motto is to spend less and smirk more. With each frozen slushie machine you save BIG. Cut down on supermarket runs chasing cocktail ingredients and multiple bottles of soft drinks. At we’ve got more variety than a multi-flavour slurpee. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any of the good stuff from a party hire space or restaurant. Along with fantastic frozen cocktail machines we bring the food and atmosphere of the world’s best parties, carnivals and fetes to you.

Imagine the smiles on your guests face when they see your popcorn cart , hot dog stand or fairy floss machine ? Now stop imagining it and bring it to life with unlimited serving for the price of one (1) on EVERYTHING.

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