Lights & Sounds
EXTREME EXCITE provides wide range of rainbow and firefly lighting at the party venue. Attractions to lights is a distinctive atmosphere of a lively party venue with the best sound system that have a quality sounds.
These together will make your event a wow factor.
LED 10w X56 pieces (Light output RED/BLUE/GREEN
STORM BIRD LIGHTING EFFECT-Multi Color,Multi Shape,Dancing Sound Activated
LED (RGB) Mirror Dancing Ball
PRO MOVING HEAD with Multi Pattern and Multi Color Output
Outdoor Light-Hallogen Flood Lamp with Stand 500w x 2
Outdoor Light- LED Flood Lamp 75w x 2 with HEAVY DUTY STAND & Small T-Bar
Outdor PAR 56 CAN LAMP 300w Stand & T-Bar included
Outdor PAR 56 CAN LAMP with color GEL 300w Stand & T-Bar included
Professional Heavy Duty Adjustable Height with T-Bar
Light Duty Manual Stand with Small T-Bar
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